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Fine Designs & Creative Works

About Us

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Here we will tell you a little about ourselves. We feel the customer likes to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy.

Our Company

Our company has just started but we hope to build up our clientel and give our clients the services that they've been looking for. The company started with only two employees, Angela Bean and Deborah DeSouza. Two girls taking training at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in hopes of starting their own business and being successful.


Angela Bean & Deborah DeSouza

Personalized Service

We specialize in personalized products. If you need a company logo let the team at Fine Designs & Creative Works hook your company up with a great logo that you can use for a lifetime. We believe in giving the customer what they want and we strive to make sure you are always satisfied with a job well done.
Whatever your need is we are here to help. At Fine Designs & Creative Works we are here to help you learn the software that you need to know. If you would like to have a Web site or Web page of your own than we can help you build it and maintain it.

Fine Designs & Creative Works * 67 Stubblefield Rd * Waynesboro * VA * 22980